When it comes to attracting and retaining students, embracing your faculty and meeting the specific needs of your campus community, it’s important for your institution to:


Stay at the forefront of affordability, convenience and technology


Facilitate learning through access and preparedness

team pride

Celebrate the pride of your athletics and institution


A Follett-operated collegiate retail campus store delivers:


An in-store and online experience filled with discovery and shareable moments


Convenient access to the products and services that your campus community wants


Maximized benefits to address all learning experiences with expanded innovation and technology

Evolving the Experience Through Technology

Follett delivers an innovative eCommerce experience for your institution, online adoption solutions, the delivery of digital course materials and custom solutions.

LEARN MOREEvolving the Experience Through Technology

Transforming the Way Course Materials Are Delivered

Follett ACCESS empowers your students and institution to succeed by delivering all course materials as part of tuition or course charges.

LEARN MORETransforming the Way Course Materials Are Delivered

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