The high cost of course materials can impact how many classes students take per semester and the academic success they achieve — plus withdrawal and graduation rates for your institution.

Follett’s programs not only help with the affordability of learning materials but also facilitate the access and preparedness that all students need to achieve success — no matter what their background or financial situation.

We offer a number of formats and programs that your institution can take advantage of to make learning materials more affordable and accessible — giving every student the tools to be successful.

Follett Access

Ensure that students are prepared for class on day one by providing all required institution textbooks and course materials to students as part of their tuition or class fee.

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Follett Discover

Transform course materials discovery and adoption for faculty, students and administrators with hassle-free online access that fuels success in the classroom.

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Financial Aid

Help your students to secure the course materials and resources needed to be successful with our financial aid integrations, programs and services.

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