Follett ACCESS is an affordability and accessibility solution that delivers all required institution textbooks and course materials to students as part of their tuition or class fee — ensuring that students are prepared for class on day one.


Follett ACCESS delivers digital materials to students by leveraging your learning management system (LMS) or student information system (SIS). By adopting course materials, your faculty confirms the important role they play in successful learning. Your institution can further support in-class success by providing all materials to students, just like the secondary education experience does.

Follett ACCESS supports the campus mission of engagement and academic success — and can help institutions further attract, engage, retain and graduate students while supporting academic outcomes and greater textbook affordability. Working in close partnership with institutions and publishers, Follett manages the entire Follett ACCESS program process to ensure an optimal student experience.

Course materials are available in multiple formats, including digital, open educational resources (OER), rental and used — and can even include supplies.

How Follett Access Works: Student Experience How Follett Access Works: Student Experience
Adding Digital Textbooks and OER at Your Institution

Adding Digital Textbooks and OER at Your Institution

Technological developments are rapidly expanding options for how course material content is made available to students. Understanding the landscape of digital resources and OER currently offered is the first step for making the move in a strategic manner that benefits both students and your institution. Read our article to learn about benefits, best practices and more.

Follett Fast Fact

Nearly 21% of institution students preferred a digital format for their course materials, which was an increase of five percentage points from the prior year.

Student Watch™: Attitudes and Behaviors toward Course Materials, 2020 Report

SEE what Follett ACCESS can do for you

SEE what Follett ACCESS can do for you

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