With Follett Discover™ Access and Shelf, you can help students find what they need to maximize the learning experience. Access helps students acquire adopted open educational resources (OER) content and Shelf offers one-click access to digital content in the learning management system (LMS)

Discover Access

Helping students acquire adopted Open Educational Resources (OER) content.


Follett Discover Access enables students to easily view and purchase required course materials by seamlessly integrating with your Learning Management System (LMS) and Student Information System (SIS).

Follett Discover Adopt

Key Benefits

  • Allows students to access a personalized shopping page from within the LMS based on their course schedule
  • Establishes a single point of access to open educational resources and digital content
  • Provides the option to have purchases shipped or picked up FREE in-store
  • Offers new, used, rental or digital materials
  • Uses multiple tender types, including financial aid, where available



The Access integration also allows for the implementation of Follett's Shop By Author program, which allows in-store course materials to be arranged by author last name. This provides students a streamlined shopping experience while creating access to all of the inventory options for a title.


“Only 40% of students buy or rent their textbooks before the start of class.”
Follett Discover can help change that.

Discover Shelf

One-click access to digital content in the Learning Management System (LMS)


Follett Discover™ Shelf dramatically enhances and streamlines access to the digital course materials that students rely on, and helps reduce the burden for faculty members.


By eliminating cumbersome access codes and secondary log-ins, Follett Discover Shelf enables your students to get what the course materials they need, when they need them. In addition, Follett Discover Shelf reduces the need for your faculty to provide “tech support” to students struggling to access materials.

Key Benefits

  • For faculty: New automations eliminate the need for your faculty members to manually place the LTI tool in the LMS for any course where digital course material content is used.
  • For students: Throughout their education journey, your students can easily manage their digital materials from one simple point of contact, including: ebooks and courseware, supporting code and codeless delivery across all content types and providers.


Your LMS administrator installs the BryteWave™ LTI application into the LMS, which provides the foundation for faculty to adopt materials.
Once the content is adopted, Discover Shelf surfaces it in the LMS. 

From there, your students can access Discover Shelf directly from your LMS through BryteWave — without the need for a secondary log-in or multiple log-ins on the publisher’s website. 



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