When it comes time to shop for course materials, Follett Discover™ has you covered. Shop makes it easier students to purchase materials at registration, Shop by Student ID saves time during purchases and Shop by Author organizes course materials and increases commission dollars.

Discover Shop

An easy way for students to purchase materials at registration


Follett Discover™ Shop makes it easy for your students to purchase their course materials through your campus store while registering for classes. Best of all, your students can enjoy the convenience of having their purchases shipped or can pick them up free in-store.

Follett Discover Adopt


Discover Shop provides your students with access to a personalized shopping page from within the SIS, based on their course schedules. A convenient link from your registration system directs them to your campus store’s website where they can purchase all their course materials with just a click.

Key Benefits

  • Helps your students easily find, procure and access course materials
  • Enables your students to easily shop for new, used, rental or digital materials
  • Allows your students to use multiple tender types, including financial aid (where available)
  • Sends a positive message that your institution is keeping up with technological advances

Shop By Student ID

A convenient and time-saving solution for purchasing course materials


Shop By Student ID leverages Follett’s proprietary ConnectOnce™ technology to communicate with your learning management and student information systems. Your students can easily purchase adopted course materials for multiple courses on your campus store website by entering just Student ID and term.

Follett Discover View


Follett only obtains the minimum amount of limited data (student name, user ID, email address) needed to deliver the right course materials to each student. We do not save, share or use that data for any other purpose.

Key Benefits

  • Enables your students to enter their IDs to access a consolidated shopping list
  • Shows all materials for all courses for which your students are registered
  • Allows your students to easily add items into the shopping cart and complete purchases

“Follett Discover™ gives me the opportunity to do what I need to do from my dorm room. They make it really easy to just get books and be done with it.”

Shop By Author

Organizing course materials and increasing commission dollars


Shop By Author leverages our Follett Discover Access technology. Your students can easily access materials by author and make one pass through the course materials aisle — or access all the materials they need in one online shopping list.


Organizing course materials department by author (instead of division, department, course or section) not only makes it easier for your students to find what they need, but is also a proven way to increase text sales and boost earned loyalty. This equals more commission dollars for your campus, so it’s a win-win for everyone.


Your students can search by author’s last name instead of hunting for the right division, department, course and section


All affordability options are consolidated to provide an improved shopping experience with less “out of stocks”


The square footage of course materials departments is reduced by 25–30%, so you can focus on expanding your community space, coffee kiosks, tech try-it tables, and more


From custom marketing signage, program-specific shelf tags and wayfinding signage email marketing campaigns, we offer support you can count on

Key Benefits

  • Makes it easier for your students to find what they need
  • Produces earned loyalty for your store
  • Contributes to student preparedness
  • Offers additional affordability option exposure


Student visits the campus store website via their desktop or mobile device and enters their student ID number to access their list of materials for the term.

Course results are populated and a Shop by Author list is created for their course materials.

Students add their selections to the cart.

When shopping in-store, the student shops the course materials aisles that are conveniently arranged by author’s last name.


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