Put Follett Discover™ Adopt and View to work for your institution. Adopt is the smarter way to research and adopt the best course materials — all in one place. View ensures compliance for your course catalog while also keeping your students informed about course material costs.

Discover Adopt

Everything your instructors need to manage course materials, all in one place


Follett Discover™ Adopt is our next-generation tool for faculty to use to review and select course materials. Discover Adopt makes it easy for your instructors to find the right content by providing recommendations to evaluate and adopt.


Using your institution’s existing workflows and learning management system, Discover Adopt provides your instructors with personalized information for the courses they teach. After selecting their desired materials, your instructors can seamlessly send adoptions to your campus store.

Key Benefits

  • Search, view recommendations and adopt materials, including:
    • YouTube videos
    • Open educational resources (OER)
    • Massive open online course (MOOC) content
  • Easily view related course materials, including what other faculty members are using
  • Immediately readopt previously adopted materials
  • Read and respond to peer reviews
  • Create custom content for students through XanEdu’s course pack tool
  • Build a personalized collection of reference materials

“Follett Discover™ has a great one-stop easy-to-use dashboard that lets me see what courses have — and have not — adopted textbooks.”

Discover View

Easily ensure compliance for your course catalog


Follett Discover™ View is integrated into your online course schedule and leverages your campus store to display the authors, titles and ISBNs of adopted course materials. The result? Your institution can be compliant with U.S. HEOA textbook provisions.

Follett Discover View


Tap into a no-cost solution that fulfills HEOA textbook provision compliance within the course catalog — all while helping your students be fully informed and prepared so you can turn your attention to other priorities.

Key Benefits

  • Empowers your students to make informed decisions about the costs of their selected courses
  • Enables your students to select from new, used, rental or digital materials
  • Provides your students with the option to immediately purchase materials
  • Uses multiple tender types, including financial aid (where available)
  • Allows your students to choose to have their purchases shipped or pick them up free in-store

“I could just get my books right away and either pick them up or have them shipped to my house.”

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